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Supply chain mapping software AMERIGO helps you to visualize your supplier networks and to discover risks and potentials




Pioneers in supply chain mapping

Multi-tier supply chain visibility is imperative for taking pre-emptive action within your supplier network. Practice shows, that one factor is missing in order to manage complex supply networks: TRANSPARENCY.

AMERIGO supply chain mapping solution makes it easier to establish transparency, analyze risks and potentials, ensure sustainability and reap these benefits.

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Supply Chain Mapping Innovation



Network Layout and scenarios planning

Supply chain mapping is a living system that graphically represents your supplier network.
It does not mean building a model of your supply chain only once. Data changes all the time. To handle this living system you need a database in the backend. Every stakeholder should have access to this database so all users have the same understanding of the supply chain.

Working with AMERIGO is easy. Import or enter data into the database. Use the innovative AMERIGO filter design to filter your supply chains views. Create network layouts and scenarios for your specific needs.

Supply Chain Map
Supply Chain Maps
Supply Chain Network

Risk Management

Supply chain management has focused on managing and mitigating risk.
AMERIGO creates transparency in your supplier network and supports risk management by using a closed-loop system of measuring, monitoring and controlling.

With AMERIGO all partners in your supply chain can be involved in collecting data (e.g. KPI, financial data). You can classify your suppliers into different risk categories and subjectively and objectively rate your suppliers. A comprehensive supply-chain risk profile will be created.

By using external data sources AMERIGO has a feature for automated disaster warning: In case of natural disasters you will instantly know which supply chains are affected.

Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Optimization

Companies that figure out how to manage complex supply chains can lower costs, create new products, secure better supply and ensure punctual delivery.

AMERIGO helps you to discover competitive advantages in your supply chain. Use the AMERIGO network calculator to compare different scenarios. Create your own formulas and apply them to your scenarios. Working directly with the graphical representation of the network, AMERIGO offers great usability.

Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain Management Optimization
Supply Chain Management Optimization


Sustainability has become a new challenge of supply chain competitiveness. Ensure sustainability and compliance in your supply chain with AMERIGO: Engage directly with suppliers and sub-suppliers within the AMERIGO Supplier Network.

Sustainability standards and compliance to government regulations can be checked along the entire supply chain. Use AMERIGO to quickly verify if your suppliers have agreed to your standards. Get an overview of the entire supply chain from raw material to final product. Share the results with your sourcing team.

Supply Chain Substainability
Supply Chain Substainability
Supply Chain Substainability
Supply Chain Substainability

Dashboard, Analysing and Reporting

AMERIGO offers a range of features to analyse your supply chain. The AMERIGO Dashboard acts as a central portal for your supplier network. You can visualize and analyze data from across the network. The Network index which is a part of the dashboard shows the overall rating of your complete supplier network.

Our supplier matrix is a great tool to monitor the status of a supplier rating process.

Supply Chain Analyze
Supply Chain Analysis
Supply Chain Analysis

Evaluate and Monitor Suppliers

Regular evaluation of supplier performance is a fundamental component of risk management and continuous improvement, fully supported by our supply chain mapping software AMERIGO. Numerous metrics from multiple sources can be collected and consolidated into supplier ratings, providing objective and quantifiable user feedback.

From raw materials to final product. From smelter to customer. Use the AMERIGO Questionnaires to gather data from suppliers along the supply chain. Start your own AMERIGO network by granting your suppliers (and Sub-Suppliers) an access to AMERIGO. Among others, this feature can be used for reporting on Conflict Minerals, C-TPAT, Sustainability and Quality.

Monitor Supplier
Evaluation Supplier
Evaluation Supplier
Evaluation Supplier
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Customers / About Us

AMERIGO is a product of th data GmbH, a Berlin (Germany) based software company. Since 1998 we successfully plan, realize and support software projects for manufacturing companies.
Our international team includes highly qualified personnel with diplomas in computer science, engineering or economics.

Our customers are large and mid-sized manufacturing companies and international consulting companies. Among others, we serve companies in the following branches: Automotive, Aviation, Electronics, Medical products and mechanical engineering.

Supply Chain Company
Supply Chain IT Company
Supply Chain Software Company
Supply Chain Software Company


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